Our values

In a changing energy sector, our four aspirational values are key to achieving Elia’s strategy. They are reflected in the behaviour and attitude of our staff.


Entrepreneurship is our new code word. We work proactively in order to realise our strategy. We make improvements, are innovative in our activities, and do not shy away from a challenge. We accept failure but nevertheless move heaven and earth to succeed, learn from our mistakes, and do better.


At Elia, we make every effort to achieve our motivational, ambitious goals. We take on full responsibility for every project, from planning and implementation to reporting on key milestones or potential problems. Venturing to change course means growing and daring to seize new opportunities.


We work together, both within and outside the company. We do not waste time on pigeonholing or closed-mindedness ('us against them'), and this can only have positive consequences. We quickly share expertise and information. Challenging each other also strengthens each other’s ideas. We honestly and respectfully suggest improvements. We opt for genuine dialogue with our external stakeholders and forge alliances based on mutual respect and empathy.


We are not scared of the current changes in the energy landscape. We love encountering challenges in our day-to-day activities and tackle them proactively. We do not allow ourselves to be overtaken by events and we persevere until we succeed, no matter how complex the challenge. At the same time, we dare to question ourselves. Getting stuck in a rut is just standing still, and that is not in our vocabulary. We look forward to new opportunities and possibilities.

Are we a match?

Are you wondering whether you and Elia are the perfect team? Do you want to help make the energy transition a reality but are not sure whether our strategy, culture and approach are right for you? Then take the test, because we want nothing more than driven employees who are happy at Elia.