Graduate programs

At Elia, we aren't just building the future of our grid but also that of students and talented young people.

Graduate programs

At Elia, we aren't just building the future of our grid but also that of students and talented young people.

Discover our traineeships

Did you just graduate with a master or do you have a first professional experience under your belt? We're always open to fresh ideas and creativity to be a part of projects that contribute to our growth.


We offer two types of traineeships: a young graduate program and a technical starter program.

Young Graduate Program

Whether you are an engineer or a master in economics, law, communication, ... With this track, you will join a small team of people working on transversal projects across all departments at Elia. After two years, you will have completed approximately eight projects across very different teams, tackling different challenges in asset management, market development, system operation, HR, IT, consumer centricity, innovation, etc. Get the chance to discover the company across different angles, in order to choose how to best start your career at Elia. 

Technical Starter Program

Want to complement your technical education with field experience? In the course of two years, you will join our teams in the field of high voltage, cables and lines, low voltage and the regional dispatching. The other part of the job consists of developing management skills. You will be responsible of different objectives and it is up to you to turn them into a success. The program will prepare you to lead a team, to become a project leader or to fulfill a role in technical support. The possibilities are endless!

Some testimonials from our trainees ...

  • Hanne

    I am very passionate about sustainability. I chose for the energy sector because of the challenges and associated opportunities it brings. When I got to know about the Young Graduate Program at Elia, I was immediately convinced. The program offers a unique opportunity to learn a lot in a short time, get to know many different aspects of the company and come into contact with a lot people. After one year as a trainee at Elia, I can say that it fully meets my expectations. I can only recommend this program to anyone who wants to contribute to a sustainably future!

  • Michiel

    As a Business Analyst at Elia, you will quickly discover that behind seemingly simple processes, there are complex business processes and applications. The best part of the job is then to ensure, together with the various experts within Elia (business & IT), that these changes can be successfully implemented. And in the meantime, you learn many things that you didn't see at school! You also get the chance to develop yourself according to your own interests. Being a business analyst, I can follow up on the latest technological developments, see if they can help us to realise our vision and demonstrate if there is any potential there!

  • Simon

    The Operational Field Traineeship at Elia offers the opportunity to complete your theoretical training with practical experience in the high-voltage sector. My curiosity led me to ask a lot of questions and to get information about specific technologies in different departments, but also about the functioning of Elia as Transmission Operator. It's truly a unique opportunity to get an inside view of the high-voltage sector through a wide range of activities. I would therefore gladly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to make a practical contribution in the field, while preparing to take on managerial responsibilities within Elia.

  • Louis

    As an electrical engineer, I had a great interest in the electrical energy sector and in particular in Elia because of the role the company plays in the energy transition. Therefore, when I saw the job ad for the Young Graduate Program, I did not hesitate to apply! And what a great experience since then. Joining Elia as a trainee is an opportunity to be exposed to the different professions present in the company, to discover many departments and to gain a lot of experience on different subjects. You can build up a transversal view of the company's activities very early on. It is extremely motivating to be in charge of your first missions and to make his contribution to the company. 

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