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Elia is the operator of the Belgian high-voltage transmission grid (380 kV to 30 kV) and is responsible for developing and maintaining the grid, providing users with access to it and controlling energy flows. The Elia group is a team of 2,000 professionals who have the task of ensuring the continuity of electricity supplies in Belgium.

As owner and operator of electricity transmission networks in Belgium and Germany Elia has an important role and mission in supporting and implementing Europe's energy and climate policy.

Regulatory Advisor

Expertise:  Corporate
Reference ID:  6262



The Public & Regulatory Affairs Department is at the heart of Elia's relations with public authorities, regulators and Belgian policymakers. It facilitates exchanges between these institutions and Elia's operational activities, serving as an interface that both informs the authorities of Elia's priorities and challenges and ensures that Elia's departments fully understand the legal and regulatory context in which they work. 


The department also plays a key role in forging long-term partnerships between these institutions and Elia with a view to fostering an environment conductive to the performance of Elia's activities in the interests of society. 


As a Regulatory Advisor, you will be at the centre of interactions between Elia and these Belgian institutions and will closely monitor the progress of, and actively contribute to, Elia's multidisciplinary projects. You will liaise with the outside world, primarily regulators and public authorities, on a daily basis in order to communicate Elia's point of view. 


Your main responsibilities will involve:


  • leading regulatory projects, either by participating in the development of strategic areas or by assisting and guiding the units in charge;
  • continuously monitoring legal and regulatory changes (at regional and federal level) in order to assess consistency with the key areas of Elia's business development;
  • working with other Elia departments to devise an action plan and suitable approach (either proactively or in the wake of legislative developments) to promote Elia's point of view to authorities; 
  • notifying the departments of regulatory decisions or legislative changes that could impact Elia's activities;
  • analysing regulatory developments abroad and the operation of system operators and regulators in other countries in order to identify changes on the electricity market;
  • liaising between projects handled by different Elia departments and ensuring consistency in Elia's communications with public authorities.

Your Profile


  • You hold a Master's degree in political science, law, economics or a technical field (e.g. engineering).
  • You are interested in technical, legislative and economic matters.
  • You are familiar with the organisation of Belgian and European institutions as well as the main principles governing the structure of energy or regulated markets. 
  • Prior experience in dealing with economic regulation mechanisms is a plus.
  • You are an excellent communicator. 
  • You are organised and can handle multiple projects at once while continuing to pay close attention to detail.
  • You can communicate well in both French and Dutch. 
  • You are fluent in English and so can follow legislative developments at European level.
  • You can explain complicated matters simply, without misrepresenting the technical side of things.
  • You are driven and enthusiastic about delving into many different facets of Elia's activities.
  • You are willing to question certain aspects in a critical, constructive way.
  • You enjoy working with a wide range of people.



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