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Elia is the operator of the Belgian high-voltage transmission grid (380 kV to 30 kV) and is responsible for developing and maintaining the grid, providing users with access to it and controlling energy flows. The Elia group is a team of 2,000 professionals who have the task of ensuring the continuity of electricity supplies in Belgium.

As owner and operator of electricity transmission networks in Belgium and Germany Elia has an important role and mission in supporting and implementing Europe's energy and climate policy.

Senior IP Network Architect

Reference ID:  326


1. Providing expert support for the management of existing IP networks
Providing expert support for the management and maintenance of all IP-based networks to deliver maximum performance and reliability for mission-critical connections.

  • Providing expert/architecture support for the technical validation of new requests for network expansions by other IT teams (Server Team, EMS Team, IT Security), Engineering or Infrastructure.
  • Providing expert support with the analysis of complex fault situations and designing measures to prevent them from occurring again in future.
  • Getting to grips with, and keeping up to date with, all technologies used within datacom, in order to provide expert support in all these technologies to datacom field operations and network operations colleagues.
  • Managing suppliers on larger network expansion and upgrade projects to maximise the reliability of Elia's networks.
  • Evaluating feedback and suggested improvements from the field or other teams.
  • Implementing state-of-the art cybersecurity functions in collaboration with the IT security officer.

2. Defining and introducing new IP network architectures and technologies
Defining, evaluating and introducing new IP network architectures and technologies to guarantee or improve the short- and long-term availability, security and cost-effectiveness of datacom networks. These tasks are performed in close collaboration with the team leader, the other datacom experts and, if necessary, other Elia departments.

  • Keeping abreast of the latest technological trends in order to introduce new technologies within datacom, if appropriate for Elia.
  • Conducting market surveys and organising the exchange of information with suppliers.
  • Drawing up technical specifications and performing a technical evaluation of the responses.
  • Creating and implementing validation test plans.
  • Identifying the optimal architecture based on state-of-the-art rules, taking into account capacity, reliability, IT cybersecurity redundancy and cost factors.
  • Managing suppliers with a view to implementing the optimal architecture.
  • Supporting and providing technical guidance to field operations staff on the introduction of new technologies, by means of technical workshops, procedures and feedback sessions.
  • Drawing up a schedule for the roll-out of new technologies in collaboration with datacom field operations and datacom project engineers.
  • Aligning the schedule with other departments (Asset Management, Engineering).
  • Monitoring activities in collaboration with datacom project engineers.
  • In case of collaboration with external experts on such projects: managing them, monitoring their work and ensuring sufficient knowledge transfer to datacom.

3. Managing datacom processes
Helping to draw up and adjust cross-functional processes, including coordination between the various roles and responsibilities, and developing work methods relating to safety/security, work performance and documentation, in line with Elia rules, with a view to ensuring efficiency and safety/security.

  • Taking part in working groups on cross-functional topics (e.g. IP protection communication, network architecture cloud services, 61850 substation communication).
  • Drawing up and monitoring technical rules and/or procedures to guarantee the professional management of IP networks. Aligning these rules and procedures with, and communicating them to, other departments (IT teams, Engineering, Asset Management).
  • Evaluating feedback and suggestions from the field or other teams regarding existing or new rules, standards or procedures.

Your Profile

  • You hold a Master's degree in industrial sciences/electronics/ICT/telecommunications.
  • You have sound all-round knowledge of modern IP-based LAN and WAN networks:
    • L3 IP networks, Multi-VRF, VRF-Lite, IP/MPLS;
    • switching: campus design multi-VLAN;
    • cybersecurity: firewall, DMZ, authentication, IPS;
    • wireless: central switching with lightweight access points;
    • load balancing.
  • You have expert knowledge in one or more areas.
  • You have at least five years' experience in defining, managing and rolling out IP networks.
  • You can assimilate new technical information quickly.
  • You have strong analytical skills.
  • You have strong project management and reporting skills.
  • You have excellent written and oral communication skills, including the ability to communicate between departments.
  • You are willing to continuously hone and broaden your technical knowledge of WAN and LAN networks.
  • You can work independently and methodically.
  • You are customer-oriented and cope well with stress.
  • You are a team player and are willing to share your knowledge.
  • You can speak, read and write Dutch, French and English fluently.


Avenue de Vilvorde 126 - 1000 Brussels

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