Get the power to… 

Every project needs a spark. But Elia's ambitious projects need hundreds. Small ones and big ones. Sparks that generate inspiration, knowledge, perseverance, … Those sparks are none other than our exceptional employees.

Every day, they build and maintain the energy infrastructure. They deliver electricity on demand and secure the condition of 9.000 kilometers of lines and cables across the entire country. That’s how our colleagues ensure the lights never go out!

Drive digital transformation and innovation. Be at the forefront of the energy transition, work with cutting-edge technologies, unleash your creativity and drive meaningful change within the energy sector. At Elia, your innovative mindset will be highly appreciated and will allow you to leave a legacy for generations to come.

Collaborate with a diverse, talented, and passionate group of professionals. Diverse perspectives lead to better outcomes. You will become part of a diverse and passionate group of industry experts who share their knowledge and create a meaningful impact together. We provide an inclusive work environment that stimulates teamwork, knowledge sharing and cross-functional collaboration.

Find balance and feel safe. Your wellbeing and safety is our priority. You will have the opportunity to create a healthy work-life balance while we ensure physical and mental safety on the job. At Elia, we care for your energy, and we love a good challenge! That’s why we regularly organize health and sports events. Together we stay energized! 

Play a vital role in shaping the energy landscape for a greener future. Working at Elia means experiencing the joy of making a positive impact on society. Together we are building a sustainable, green, and reliable energy infrastructure that drives economic growth, reduces our environmental footprint, and creates a better future for all.

Unleash your potential. At Elia, we empower you to expand your skills, deepen your knowledge, and achieve your professional goals. You will have access to a wide range of learning opportunities, including training programs, workshops, and mentorship.

Fuel your professional development and career advancement. Shape your future by discovering our diverse career paths and by exploring new challenges. We provide a supportive environment that offers growth opportunities and encourages you to take charge of your career journey. You can count on us to empower you for a bright career!