“Working together, we do everything we can to provide thousands of families and companies with electricity.”

Elia keeps the lights on right across Belgium.

Elia builds and operates Belgium's high-voltage grid. We ensure that electricity gets where it's needed, thanks to our network of high-voltage substations physically connected to each other, with everything operated, signed and protected by low-voltage systems.

Maarten, Commissioning Manager: “Our technicians build and maintain our grid. Most of them are experts in high voltage, low voltage or cables and lines, but we also have technicians responsible for ensuring that all stations and systems communicate with each other. Like Filip, for example.”

Filip, Field Operator Datacom

“You can best describe us as a supporting telecom service. We make sure that something actually happens when a control room operator presses a button and divides or stops the current and that the various high-voltage substations communicate with each other.”

“This all happens via fibre-optic cables linking the substations. We do not install these cables ourselves, but we make sure to go on-site and check and test everything. We take our laptops and measuring devices and go from one site to another in our area, which means our days have plenty of variety and freedom.”

Lifelong learning

“The same applies to us as to all technicians. You first receive solid training in technology and safety. After all, we all work in a unique environment. You have to learn to deal with high voltage and understand the impact of your job on your colleagues.”

“On top of that, the energy industry is evolving rapidly. Add to that the changes in the telecom sector and you can be sure that you will continue learning each and every day. There are constant upgrades, migrations and new things to follow up on. This also keeps the job very exciting. I haven't seen everything here yet – and that's the way I like it."

Lots of satisfaction and appreciation

“Perhaps what I love most is the freedom you have to set your own priorities for the day. No matter how much you plan, something unexpected always pops up. And bringing that unexpected situation to a successful conclusion is very satisfying.”

“Everyone really appreciates the work we do. You're part of a much larger whole. Our group is really cohesive and moves forward together, because the impact of what we do is enormous. We do everything we can to provide thousands of families and companies with electricity.”

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