Five sparks to choose IT at Elia 😃

“We help our colleagues turn on the lights all over the country. With the best software, apps and a stable high-voltage grid.” Charline and Ismail, IT Project Managers with respectively 26 and one year on the Elia clock. These are their five sparks to choose IT at Elia.

✨ Spark 1: We are in the frontline of change

Charline: “My job evolved a lot in 26 years and our IT department has grown significantly. Elia is in the frontline when it comes to change. We always go looking for new tools and technologies and have the freedom to try them. And that is also necessary because the energy market is constantly on the move.”

Ismail: “That evolution and urge to innovate is the main reason why I came to Elia. I was happy in my previous job but a friend told me that over here, things just move faster. He was right. Innovation is not just a word on a slide but really part of your job.”

✨ Spark 2: You are responsible for every step

Charline: “As an IT Project Manager you lead projects from start to finish. You consult the business, develop new designs, set up plannings. In fact, you guide every step in the process, including development and testing. And after the rollout, you make sure maintenance gets organised.”

Ismail: “In most companies IT project management focuses on the execution and follow-up of projects. Not at Elia. It’s a complete position with a lot of freedom and involvement in each step. We work together with the business to deliver tailor-made solutions and we share best practices with our German colleagues. Whatever we decide really happens, there are no politics in play.”

✨ Spark 3: You have impact beyond our borders

Charline: “IT and energy do not stop at borders. The bigger the project, the greater your added value. You learn a lot about the energy market. But also about how organisations in other countries operate. In my current projects, I am in touch with stakeholders and colleagues in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and India.”

Ismail: “The projects I get to work on are related to the stability of our high-voltage grid and the balancing mechanism between production and consumption. That is quite a challenge with the rise of renewable and locally produced energy. There is a lot that we need to foresee today to be ready for the future energy market. I’m proud to be an actor of this change.”

✨ Spark 4: You can continuously develop yourself

Charline: “You connect and collaborate with many different types of expertise and can try and test new technologies.  That’s how you broaden your knowledge, inside and outside of IT. But you can also take on new challenges and give your career a new direction within Elia if you want to.”

Ismail: “You get all the tools and technology to do a good job and the necessary training to improve your skills. Elia offers a stimulating environment where everyone is ready to help you. I already learned a lot from my colleagues, even if the first year we had to work remotely like most people.”

✨ Spark 5: We are one big family

Charline: “We are one big family and all share that passion to build the energy landscape of tomorrow. Mixing a lot of experience with new knowledge. It’s contagious. You can call it a spark.”

Ismail: “The DNA match is incredible. From the very first contacts to the job interviews I felt a genuine interest in me as a person. Wellbeing is very important to Elia. And after one year I can confirm that Elia truly is a Top Employer.”

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