"I've worked here for 12 years. I wish I'd joined the company sooner."

Elia makes sure that the current flows, literally. As the operator of the Belgian high-voltage grid, Elia supplies electricity to our businesses and homes every day. Michel, a technician, and Pascal, a supervisor on the lines and cables team, talk about their experiences.

"In a nutshell? We maintain our grid and supply electricity," explains Michel. "I personally do a lot of pruning around the big pylons you see along the roads. We make sure that vegetation doesn't get too close to the lines. I also ensure that contractors carrying out repairs and maintenance on the pylons are safe by taking the lines out of service."

What makes an Elia employee tick? Curiosity

Pascal: "An Elia employee is curious and wants to grow, both personally and professionally. This great, cutting-edge company offers a lot of opportunities."

Michel: "It's true, the many training courses are one major advantage of working for Elia. You always have the chance to evolve in a certain field or tweak your career plans, although I'm very happy where I am right now (laughs)."

Freedom and trust

Michel: "I like that Elia gives us freedom, trust and responsibility, but I also enjoy the variety of our work, which is far from monotonous. I've worked here for 12 years and I wish I'd joined the company sooner. What's more, the pay is very good, with lots of benefits."

Proud to work at Elia

Michel: "I'm also involved with Life Elia, a project creating biodiversity corridors under high-voltage lines. Instead of cutting down all the vegetation, we're enhancing the area thanks to the high-voltage lines. We create ponds, and amphibians are returning, as well as dragonflies that you rarely used to see. Frankly, that's a source of pride." 

Metro, 2020