Being an Elia technician isn't something you learn at school!

Elia keeps the lights on right across Belgium. As the builder and operator of the high-voltage grid, we ensure that electricity gets where it is needed. Niels and Jimmy are two of Elia's employees. “We don't just make the lights come on – we make sure they stay on too.”

If we do our job well, you won't even notice. 

“Because that means the electricity is flowing as it should. We make sure everything is working properly, down to the very last detail. And also that nothing is happening that shouldn't be happening.” Jimmy is a supervisor at Elia, managing a team of technicians – technicians like Niels. 

Niels: “We use a test kit to simulate faults. Finding and resolving a fault is extremely satisfying. You have to be good at reading electrical diagrams, but the main thing is an ability to think logically.”

You won't learn this anywhere else.

Niels: “You don't get the key to a high-voltage substation right away. You have to complete the necessary training first. We have so many systems that it takes a while to learn the tricks of the trade, but Elia is also strongly committed to lifelong learning.”

Jimmy: “The bar is high, but having a little bit of patience is vital. Our job isn't something you learn at school. You're put on a training pathway and gradually given more responsibility. You're also assigned an experienced mentor who guides you through the first few months.”

Safety in twos.

Niels: “You mainly work in pairs, with one experienced employee working alongside a less experienced colleague. You have to be able to rely on one another. But you can ask as many questions as you want! Everyone is always ready to help each other out.”

Jimmy: “The most important thing is that everyone goes home safe and sound in the evening. We help our people to grow in terms of safety as well as technical expertise. You won't find any cowboys here!”

Why Elia?

Niels: “It's certainly spot on in terms of salary. You also get an iPhone with contract, hospitalisation insurance, a laptop, a discount on your gas and electricity, meal vouchers, plenty of holiday, and so on. But for me, the main thing is being able to work in a whole range of technical areas and having so many opportunities to develop. Everything here is a challenge.”

Jimmy: “Once you've joined our sector, you won't want to leave. You have lots of development opportunities and our projects are often discussed in the press. We're also very progressive and our job is enormously varied. To help us achieve all this, we're always on the lookout for dynamic new colleagues in Flanders and Brussels.”

Metro, 2020

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