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Internship - Demand flexibility and network congestion analyst (study)

Reference ID:  7650


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The objective of this internship is to investigate whether the development of new sources of demand flexibility (e.g., electric vehicles, heat pumps, industrial loads) combined with expected digitalization in the coming years will lead to increased congestion on the Elia network. Elia's prospective studies have indicated a growing need for system flexibility in the future. 


As market models evolve and new flexibility services are introduced by providers, network users will have more opportunities to leverage their flexibility on electricity markets. This includes adjusting their consumption or production based on various market price signals, from day-ahead to real-time prices, and actively participating in flexibility services. However, a simultaneous and massive response from network users in a specific geographical area could lead to congestion on distribution and transport networks. 


The internship aims to objectively identify and describe various scenarios, establish a causal link between decentralized demand and production participation in different markets (particularly in response to price signals), predict when congestion might occur, and explore potential solutions to anticipate and mitigate such situations. The intern will identify and discuss relevant solution options. 



This internship consists of multiple phases, each requiring alignment with market stakeholders: 

  • In the first phase, the study will objectively demonstrate the causal link between the influx of new demand flexibility sources and congestion on the Elia network. It will also describe the types of situations that could lead to congestion (e.g., congestion due to responses to day-ahead or real-time prices) and their expected timeframes. 
  • In the second phase, assuming the findings from the first phase confirm the link between new demand flexibility sources and congestion, potential options to anticipate and mitigate congestion will be listed by Elia. The intern will assess the pros and cons of each solution and identify the most promising ones for further analysis. 


This internship provides a valuable opportunity to contribute to understanding the impact of demand flexibility on network congestion and exploring strategies to address potential challenges. 

Your Profile


We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate with the following profile:   

  • Master degree, preferably with a focus on Electricity/Electromechanical/...    
  • You have excellent communication and analytical skills.   
  • You’re a problem solver and eager to learn.  
  • You’re interested to deep dive into the operations of the grid.   
  • Fluent in Dutch or French, and have a good understanding of English (comprehensive, writing 
  • and speaking).    




Internship Opportunities:    

  • This internship offers the opportunity for integration of a master's thesis.    


Period and Duration:    

  • You can choose an internship period during the whole academic year. The duration of the internship varies between 8 and more than 12 weeks, depending on your availability and learning goals. We are flexible regarding the number of days per week you wish to work, from 3 to 4 days.   


Additional Information:    

  • A security check will be taken to ensure access to the NCC.    
  • Depending on available vacancies as well as a positive evaluation, there may be an option for permanent hire.  




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Schaarbeek - Vilvoordselaan 126, 1000 Brussels.  

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