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Elia is the operator of the Belgian high-voltage transmission grid (380 kV to 30 kV) and is responsible for developing and maintaining the grid, providing users with access to it and controlling energy flows. The Elia group is a team of 2,000 professionals who have the task of ensuring the continuity of electricity supplies in Belgium.

As owner and operator of electricity transmission networks in Belgium and Germany Elia has an important role and mission in supporting and implementing Europe's energy and climate policy.

Safety Advisor

Expertise:  Corporate
Reference ID:  5289



The Health & Safety Department advises employees and management on the implementation of the Welfare Act. At Elia, the tasks of the internal health and safety advisers mainly focus on occupational safety, environmental aspects, basic ergonomics, basic health, embellishing workplaces, basic occupational hygiene and basic psychosocial concerns. 


The main responsibilities of the role will be :


  • Guiding, advising, facilitating and leading all staff members with regard to the correct implementation of the Welfare Act.
  • Assisting the employer, line management and personnel with drafting, programming, implementing and evaluating the policy determined by the dynamic risk management system. 
  • Acting as a highly accessible independent/objective/neutral position within the organisation but with a high level of expertise and insight into the issue of welfare at work. 
  • Collaborating with H&S managers and H&S advisers. Working across domains and bottom-up to bottom-down within the company.
  • Build an open relationship with the joint partners, in particular those who sit on the CPPW, the federal public services and all partners (investigative bodies), as well as external health and safety services that can assist him/her in carrying out his/her duties.  
  • Providing advice on the enforcement of RGIE/AREI, in particular working with third parties and codification and work on electrical facilities.
  • Training line management in applying the risk analysis model and managing safety officers in terms of health and safety.
  • Investigating and analysing workplace accidents, incidents and dangerous situations as well as carrying out audits and site visits.

Your Profile


  • You have a degree in civil or industrial engineering, or equivalent experience;
  • You are a Health and Safety adviser level 1 or 2, with experience; 
  • Experience as an internal auditor and/or SCL auditor is/are a plus;
  • You are an objective Well-being ambassador, integrity is key;
  • You have a good insight into the structure of laws and legislation, a knowledge of various management structures and standards and an excellent in-sight into the technicality of work equipment and its use;
  • You are trained in the application of psychosocial research techniques and have insight into human behaviour;  
  • You have strong research and interview skills;
  • You have good logical thinking and insight as well as analytical skills; 
  • You are empathetic, have strong communication skills and are very persuasive; 
  • You are strong in both French and Dutch, any other languages would be an asset.



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