The company

Elia is the operator of the Belgian high-voltage transmission grid (380 kV to 30 kV) and is responsible for developing and maintaining the grid, providing users with access to it and controlling energy flows. The Elia group is a team of 2,000 professionals who have the task of ensuring the continuity of electricity supplies in Belgium.

As owner and operator of electricity transmission networks in Belgium and Germany Elia has an important role and mission in supporting and implementing Europe's energy and climate policy.

Digital Electrical Technician

Expertise:  Technicians
Reference ID:  661

What you will do as a Digital Electrical technician


In order to accelerate the digitalisation of our activities and the introduction of new technologies, Elia has developed a specific learning path for technicians wishing to contribute to the challenges of changes in the energy world. This learning path gives you the opportunity to participate in the various maintenance and development activities for the high-voltage electricity grid control systems of the future.


You will follow an individual support path that spans several years:


  • During the first three years, you will join our teams of technicians at our various service centres for periods ranging from 6 to 12 months in order to multiply your practical experiences. The objective of these three years is to develop a general knowledge of the high-voltage world and to acquire skills on our protection and control equipment (Secondary Systems) through theoretical training and practical experience. You will be responsible for testing and implementing the control and protection systems for Elia facilities: they are the brains of the grid. These systems are characterised by a high degree of digitalisation; these employees focus on industrial planning and need excellent analytical skills. As part of our maintenance service, you will search for any anomalies in our system and offer a suitable solution.


  • At the end of this course, you will join specialised teams that carry out more specific tasks (adjustments, incident analysis, development of new standards) and develop the working methods of tomorrow by incorporating new technologies.

What you can do already



  • You attach a great deal of importance to safety and this is reflected in your behaviour.
  • You have a bachelor's degree or technical education qualification in electricity, electronics, automation or electromechanics, or equivalent experience.
  • You are a team player and are ready to take on a unique challenge. You have a heightened sense of responsibility.
  • You are prepared to continuously improve and share your knowledge. 
  • You are flexible.
  • You are efficient and rigorous in a digital work environment requiring basic knowledge of grid management as well as the creation, management and updating of digital information. 
  • You have a good knowledge of administrative software such as MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and you are ready to learn technical software related to specific devices.
  • You have a category B driving licence and are prepared to travel to any of our facilities in Belgium. Administrative tasks can be carried out at administrative centres across the country.
  • Knowledge of English would be a plus, or the willingness to learn it in order to be able to read technical documentation in English.
  • You are prepared to make occasional short trips abroad.

What you can expect from us



There is no denying that we expect you to be enthusiastic and driven, but you will get plenty from us in return:


  • An extremely varied job with a top employer
  • Work with state-of-the-art technologies
  • Career-long learning
  • The chance to experience and immerse yourself in other technical fields
  • Opportunities to develop in a range of directions in line with your needs and aspirations




The place of work will be decided on the basis of the organisation's needs and the candidate's place of residence:


  • Rue Phocas Lejeune 23, 5032 Gembloux
  • Vaartkaai 2, 2170 Merksem
  • Avenue de Vilvorde 126, 1000 Schaerbeek

What's in it for you?

More than offering you a mere job, we give you an exciting, ultra-professional environment, unique training and every opportunity to develop your career potential to the full, plus an attractive salary and fringe benefits. So choosing Elia means opting for a future full of promise!