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The company

Elia is the operator of the Belgian high-voltage transmission grid (380 kV to 30 kV) and is responsible for developing and maintaining the grid, providing users with access to it and controlling energy flows. The Elia group is a team of 2,000 professionals who have the task of ensuring the continuity of electricity supplies in Belgium.

As owner and operator of electricity transmission networks in Belgium and Germany Elia has an important role and mission in supporting and implementing Europe's energy and climate policy.

Asset Manager

Reference ID:  584



In the role of Asset Manager Secondary Systems, you will develop your expertise in processes and the management of new and existing assets.


The Asset Manager function mainly comprises the following duties:


  • Managing our fleet of assets throughout their life cycle, involving collecting vital information on equipment and systems, technical phenomena, aspects of or possible anomalies in secondary systems (such as busbar protection relays, automatic control systems, remote control equipment, etc.) by both analysing feedback and liaising with external contacts, with a view to acquiring and preserving the necessary expertise. Establishing a long-term vision for the evolution and development of fleets and the resulting implications is also an important element.  
  • Writing the maintenance and replacement policies and analysing feedback to improve them. In this respect, analyses and decision-making processes must take into account security, risk and cost-control aspects as well as technical dimensions and obsolescence.
  • Managing budgets and resources allocated to fleets, both in terms of forecast and monitoring, on various time scales.
  • Drawing up risk-reduction plans and the spare-parts policy to monitor the risks of equipment obsolescence.
  • Working with the other domains (lines, cables, primary equipment) to develop a systematic approach for asset management.
  • Defining and implementing the use of 'health indexes' for assets with a view to establishing the individual condition of a fleet of assets.
  • Defining technical concepts and then translating them into technical requirements for specifications as part of your involvement in multidisciplinary teams during purchasing procedures for the framework agreements.
  • Helping to define infrastructure projects by communicating the needs of secondary systems and seeking optimum technical and economic performance in cooperation with other technical departments.
  • Conducting on-site visits to assess how technical concepts and policies are being applied, reporting your conclusions and suggesting an action plan.
  • Using IT tools to support the various aspects of asset management in practice and making suggestions to improve monitoring.
  • Participating as a technical expert in internal, national and international working groups.
  • Drafting the annual maintenance plan for the maintenance areas and arbitration, if necessary, by integrating the risks and resources aspects.
  • Developing and giving technical training courses for operational entities.
  • Getting involved in internal projects, processes and tools, thereby enhancing the role of Asset Manager.
  • Gaining the technical expertise in this area that is vital to performing the above tasks.

Your Profile


  • You are a qualified civil or industrial engineer in the field of electricity or electromechanical engineering.
  • You can communicate fluently in French, Dutch and English, both orally and in writing.
  • You have a keen interest in technical and economic matters and are prepared to develop your knowledge in technical and financial matters with respect to risk management.
  • You would like to gain insight into other areas of expertise by developing a system-level perspective.
  • Where necessary, you can provide in-depth detail, but you are also able to see the big picture and put such details in a much broader context concerning the technical and financial aspects of asset management. 
  • You are pragmatic and focused on results, but you can also develop more conceptual ideas and long-term outlooks.
  • You are not afraid to go on-site to perform your tasks in collaboration with the operational entities.
  • You work well in a team and have good communication and persuasion skills.
  • You have excellent analytical skills combined with the ability to see the big picture, enabling you to express yourself clearly on complex matters (both orally and in writing).
  • You independently and proactively manage prearranged tasks.
  • You can compile reports or presentations on your activities in a clear and structured manner.
  • In-depth knowledge of MS Office would be a plus.
  • Experience in system protection would be a plus.



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