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Schaufenster Kultur

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Wouldn't that be something? To look inside a company before applying? To have a look what it is like to go in and out of there? How it feels to work there?

Right here it is possible: a look right into the heart of 50Hertz. 15 colleagues from all over the company met for a graphic meeting to talk about cooperation and meeting culture, typical places of everyday work and the company's goal.

Draftsmen Andreas Gaertner and Martin Markes recorded this exchange with their pencils, creating the "dialog picture" above. Our video shows how things went at the meeting: from the brainstorming to first sketches and finally to the finished picture – vivid, committed, eager for discussion. The idea for this form of exchange came from our colleagues Hoa, Jürgen, Malte, Lennart, and Hatun, trainees at that time. This was their approach to the typical situation, applicants and candidates find themselves in, when they get to know 50Hertz for the very first time.

There are probably as many cultures at 50Hertz as there are employees. That is where worlds sometimes collide. These contrasts and this diversity are typical of the working life as well as daily activities within the organization.

How do we make a whole out of it? By talking to each other. By focusing on things that help us move forward. For example, as part of our Elia Group program "Make A Difference," because what we want is to make a difference together, and that is always a question of culture.

What do we want to achieve culturally? Thinking more outside the box in our own areas of work / simplifying things / strengthening our feedback culture / focusing on what makes an impact / and shaping the future together. Ambitious program? Your commitment is welcome!