Job Subscription (Job Posting Notifications)

You are interested in working for 50Hertz, but you cannot find any suitable jobs at the moment? In this case we recommend our job subscription (job posting notifications): We will inform you via e-mail about new vacancies, which fit your profile and your expectations.

How does it work? It just takes 6 steps...

1. Step:

Below, using the "Search by Keyword" field, please enter the terms you want to be included in the job title or in the job description, e.g. "Controlling Tax". (The system interprets the terms as if they were each connected with an OR, i.e. as soon as one of the terms applies, you will receive a notification).

2. Step: 

With "Show more options" you can refine the job subscription and impose some restrictions (e.g. select only jobs at a certain location or only jobs of a certain field of activity).

3. Step: 

Click on "Search Jobs" (this is very important, after that the job subscription will consider your entry).

4. Step: 

In addition, please enter how often you would like to be notified (we recommend as few days as possible: you will only receive a message when there are new posts) and click on "Create Alert".

5. Step: 

Now you will be asked to log in with your e-mail address and password. If you do not yet have a candidate account with us, then you can set it up on this occasion.

6. Step:

With that all done, you will receive your first e-mail notification in a few minutes. You are ready to go.

Further details

Finally, you will be automatically taken to your candidate account (without having to log in). Here you can see your job subscriptions: Click on "View profile", open the "Options" menu at the top right and select "Job subscription". You will see the list of your job subscriptions. Please make sure that "Please tick box to activate job subscription" is actually ticked.

Alternative option: You want to be informed about jobs we list on one of our special topic pages (e.g. "Professionals" or "Special Jobs Construction Engineering" etc.)? Then go to the page you are interested in and set up a job subscription there (you will find the instructions for this on the respective page).

We look forward to informing you about new job postings soon.

Technical note: If 50Hertz replaces the current job subscription tool with a new one in the future, we will unfortunately not be able to inform you about this, as we cannot access the data of the job subscribers for system reasons.

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Title Expertise Location
Elektroingenieurin Projektkonzeption Technik (Stromnetz) (w/m/d) Engineers Berlin, DE, 10557
Bauingenieurin Projekte Freileitungen (Stromnetz der Energiewende) (w/m/d) Civil Engineering Berlin, DE, 10557
Bauingenieurin Tiefbau (Fachprojektleitung für Höchstspannungskabel-Verbindung SuedOstLink) (w/m/d) Civil Engineering Berlin, DE, 10557
Elektroingenieurin Projekte Umspannwerkstechnik (Höchstspannungsnetz) (w/m/d) Engineers Güstrow, DE, 18273
Elektroingenieurin für die (Fach-) Projektleitung Sekundärtechnik in Umspannwerken (w/m/d) Engineers Berlin, DE, 10557
Teamassistenz im Regulierungsmanagement (Stromnetzbetreiber, Energiewirtschaft) (w/m/d) Corporate Berlin, DE, 10557
Qualitätsmanagerin im Offshore-Bereich (Stromnetz der Energiewende) (w/m/d) Offshore Berlin, DE, 10557
Elektroingenieurin System Operator Netzleitstelle (w/m/d)
Elektroingenieurin System Operator Netzleitstelle (w/m/d) Dispatchers / System Operations Neuenhagen, DE, 15366
Dispatchers / System Operations Neuenhagen, DE, 15366
Werkstudentin (w/m/d) Kommunikation & Politik (Energiewende) Corporate Berlin, DE, 10557
Fachprojektleiterin Bautechnik Onshore (w/m/d)
Fachprojektleiterin Bautechnik Onshore (w/m/d) Civil Engineering Berlin, DE, 10557
Civil Engineering Berlin, DE, 10557
Werkstudentin (w/m/d) im Einkauf / Procurement (Energiewende) Purchase Berlin, DE, 10557
Werkstudentin Strategisches Recruiting und Employer Branding - Personal (w/m/d) Corporate Berlin, DE, 10557
Asset Management - Freileitungen - Werkstudentin (w/m/d) Student jobs Berlin, DE, 10557
Werkstudentin Prozessmanagement und Datenanalyse (w/m/d) Student jobs Berlin, DE, 10557
Ausbildungsplatz zur Industriekauffrau (w/m/d) (Lübbenau) Corporate Lübbenau, DE, 03222
Elektroingenieurin Schutz- und Leittechnik Höchstspannungsnetz (w/m/d) Engineers Berlin, DE, 10557
IT Application Managerin Congestion Management (w/m/d)
IT Application Managerin Congestion Management (w/m/d) IT & Data Berlin, DE, 10557 +1 more…
IT & Data Berlin, DE, 10557 +1 more…
Overhead Lines Asset Management - Calculation/Simulation (w/m/d) Engineers Berlin, DE, 10557
Portfolio-Managerin Digitalisierung (Stromnetz der Energiewende) (w/m/d) IT & Data Berlin, DE, 10557
Supplier and Contract Manager (f/m/d)
Supplier and Contract Manager (f/m/d) Purchase Berlin, DE, 10557
Purchase Berlin, DE, 10557
Elektrotechnik / Informatik - Werkstudentin in der Systemführung (Stromnetz) (w/m/d) Dispatchers / System Operations Berlin, DE, 10557
Strategic Buyer Electrical Equipment (Linear Assets & Structures) (f/m/d) Purchase Berlin, DE, 10557
Elektroingenieurin Anlagenkennzeichnung und Qualitätssicherung (Höchstspannungsnetz) (w/m/d) Engineers Berlin, DE, 10557
Contract & Claim Managerin (w/m/d) (Großprojekte Anlagenbau, Infrastrukturprojekte) Purchase Berlin, DE, 10557
Intern or Working Student (f/m/d) for Elia Group Department Innovation Engineers Berlin, DE, 10557