Job Subscription (Job Posting Notifications)

Are you interested in working for 50Hertz but you haven’t found a suitable vacancy? In this case we recommend the job subscription: we will inform you regularly by e-mail about job postings that match your requested categories.


Option 1 - Simply go to the page of the 50Hertz career site with the job advertisements relevant to you:

  • for example, to the "Professionals" or "Trainees" page
  • or to the Special IT jobs page
  • or to one of our location pages.

There, between the job filter and the job list, you will find the offer "Create notification":

  • In the "Search by keyword" field, enter a name by which you will later recognize this job subscription, e.g. "Professional positions" or "Jobs in Wolmirstedt". You can set up several job subscriptions.
  • The entry in the "Search by keyword" field and also what you select under "Show More Options" will not affect the selection of job postings we will notify you about.
  • Enter how often you would like to be notified (we recommend 21 days) and click on "Create Alert".
  • You will then be asked to sign in or create a user account if you do not already have one.
  • Then please select "View profile" and in the top right-hand corner under "Options" select “Job subscriptions”: Here you will already see your new job subscription listed.

In this way you can set up as many job subscriptions as you like, which you can all see in your profile and also delete again.


Option 2 - First create a user account or sign in if you already have one:

  • Click on "View profile" in the upper right corner. If you already have a user account, please log in, otherwise use the "Creat an account" link here.
  • Once you are in your user account, select the “Job subscriptions” in the top right-hand corner under "Options".
  • Click on the button "Create New Job subscription".
  • In the "Search by Keyword" field, enter the terms you want to be included in the job title or in the text of the job postings you want to receive, e.g. "Controlling Tax". (The system interprets the terms as if they were each connected with an OR, i.e. as soon as one of the terms applies, you will receive a notification).
  • The information you enter under "Show more options" does not affect the job notifications.
  • Enter how often you would like to be notified (we recommend 21 days) and click on "Create notification".
  • Then select "View profile" and under "Options" in the top right-hand corner, select “Job subscriptions” again.
  • This will display your new job subscription in the list of your subscriptions.


We look forward to informing you about new job postings soon.


Technical note: If 50Hertz replaces the current job subscription tool with a new one someday, we will unfortunately not be able to inform you about this, as we cannot access the job subscribers' data due to system reasons.