Against this background, 50Hertz has taken a decisive step further in 2020 and launched an economic and climate initiative for the grid area the company is responsible for. With the slogan “From 60 to 100 by 2032: for an economy with prospects”, 50Hertz has set itself the specific goal of getting the electricity demand in its grid area covered – and securely integrated – with 100 percent renewable energies by 2032.

Why is it special to have a very high share of renewable energy in a power grid? Because renewable energy is volatile and its use cannot be reliably planned due to natural causes. This represents a huge challenge with regards to controlling the grid as its stability depends on the balance between the electricity input and output according to physical laws.

  • Here, the key responsibility of transmission system operators in making the energy transition successful gets visible. The frequency of the alternating current transported shows how close we are to the exact balance. We have therefore made the target frequency of 50 hertz our trademark. The live frequency displayed on this page shows you how well we maintain the balance.
  • Digitization of the energy transition can deliver important answers to this challenge. Systematization of data supply at the producers, continuous further development of forecast tools on a big data scale as well as company-wide data and business process integration have been occupying us for some time. We are currently introducing smart meters to measure the fluctuations on the consumer side. The development of algorithms to process the generated data will bring us another step closer to further integration of renewable energy sources.
  • The high share of volatile energy production in the 50Hertz grid area makes 50Hertz a kind of ‘energy transition lab’ and, thus, one of the much-noticed protagonists in the technical development of transmission grids and a respected partner in designing future energy markets.