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Dual study programme in Business Informatics (B.Sc.) Berlin IT & Data Berlin, BE, DE, 10557
Duales Studium der Elektrotechnik mit Studienrichtung elektrische Energietechnik (B.Eng.) Technicians Goethestadt Bad Lauchstädt, ST, DE, 06246


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Germany’s best apprenticeship companies 2020

50Hertz is one of the “best apprenticeship companies in Germany” in 2020 – we received this honor in the context of a study carried out by the business magazine “Capital” in collaboration with the talent platform “ausbildung.de”. Read more about this study in the November issue of the magazine and by using the following link: www.capital.de/beste-ausbilder.

Which fields of study does 50Hertz has to offer?

This is only decided shortly before the job posting depending on the current needs. However, we usually offer Dual Study positions, in cooperation with the Berlin School of Economics and Law, in the following fields of study:

At our sites in Berlin and Neuenhagen (near Berlin):

  • Industrial Electrical Engineering
  • Business IT
  • Business Management (Industry)
  • Construction Engineering

What do others like about the dual study programme at 50Hertz?

  • As system operator, 50Hertz is committed to the realization of the energy transition. It is one of the growing, respected and sustainable companies of the energy industry.


  • Practical assignments in this field make students fit for the challenging professional tasks of tomorrow and are appreciated beyond the boundaries of company and industry
  • At 50Hertz, you start with the prospect of at least short-term employment and the option of further qualification (e.g. via master studies) after successful completion of your studies.


  • Dual students at 50Hertz complete their studies at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.


  • 50Hertz is large enough to offer you a challenging and professional learning environment and at the same time small enough to receive you personally and give you the feeling that you are useful and can help moving the company forward.


  • 50Hertz is responsible for the highest voltage grid on which everything depends when it comes to safety and reliability of electricity supply. You can expect interesting and responsible tasks and projects with purpose and added value for society.


  • Dual students at 50Hertz are individually managed and supported by a mentor from the relevant division as well as by the person in charge of vocational training within the company.


  • At 50Hertz, you will find a collegial environment.


  • Dual students at 50Hertz network with the other dual students and trainees throughout the company for regular exchanges, for instance during meetings to this end and regularly organised ‘trainee trips’. You can also contribute to the youth and trainee council of the company.


  • 50Hertz is a company bound by a collective agreement and has a works council. The collectively agreed training allowance of 1,045 Euro gross (1st year), 1,113 Euro (2nd year) and 1,181 Euro (3rd year) as well as the weekly working time of 37 hours are only some of the advantages of our collective agreement.

How to become a dual student - Field report




Headquarters, Berlin


Dual Study Business Informatics



That's why I decided to do a dual study

I chose the dual studies at 50Hertz because I am a doer. Practical relevance is important for me so that I don't have to ask myself the question "What am I learning this for? 50Hertz offers not only the ideal location in the Europacity, but also exactly the right size of company to get involved in practice: With its approx. 1100 employees, 50Hertz is big enough to keep new impressions ready and on the other hand small enough not to go under as one of many.

This is how I got the dual study place

50Hertz announces the jobs for a dual study comparatively late. The job subscription on the company's career page informed me immediately by e-mail when an application was possible. About one month after the application deadline, I was invited to an aptitude test at the brand new Netzquartier at Berlin's main station. The test did not take long and was not particularly difficult for me. Among other things, simple IT basics were asked.

After the aptitude test I was invited for an interview. The 45 minutes flew by, I was especially impressed by the building. After less than a week, I got the acceptance by phone. I made an appointment directly with the employee to hand over the employment contract and to clarify further questions. At this appointment I was handed over the employment contract, which I could view at home with my parents.

This is how my dual study program works

The dual study program began with three introductory days, during which we new dual students and trainees were given a crash course in which we were explained basic corporate processes. This way we were not thrown into the deep end and had a basic idea of many processes from the very beginning. In addition, we were guided through our network control center in Neuenhagen in one day.

After the introduction days I was assigned to my department. Every three months, theory and practice phases alternated. At the university we learn a lot of new things, thanks to the good coordination of the practical assignments I can apply the newly acquired knowledge immediately. During the attendance phases at 50Hertz, I also get enough time for tasks that I receive from the university, such as writing a written paper about the practical assignments.

My tips for prospective students

Dare to apply! My experience shows that your chances of being accepted are very high if you are passionate about a topic. In my opinion 50Hertz offers top conditions, a caring supervision in theory and practice and a great atmosphere for dual study. All trainees and dual students are well networked. A special highlight are the two trainee trips per year, where we can exchange ideas with each other (comparable to a "class trip for grown-ups").

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Where can I work at 50Hertz?


Franziska Gäbel

E-Mail: work@50hertz.com