Digitize (y)our future!

We make IT for your future - and for that of future generations. We are pioneers in the transformation of the energy sector for a sustainable world. At Elia Group (50Hertz and Elia), we work proactively, innovatively and agilely to master the challenges of our rapidly changing energy landscape - today and tomorrow!

Elia Group (2,600 employees) is one of the leading transmission system operators in Europe and is responsible for the electricity grids and electricity transmission for large parts of Germany and the whole of Belgium and is driving forward the transformation of energy systems at European level.

The energy landscape has already experienced enormous changes, but is still facing its biggest transformation yet. For a sustainable world, we need to transform and open up the energy sector. As Elia Group, we want to actively shape the energy transition and tap additional growth potential by taking a leading role in the digital transformation. Digitizing our core business is a must to stay relevant to society and a springboard for many new activities. In doing so, we are creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and building an ecosystem to develop the tools and methods to enable a more digital, decentralized and sustainable energy system.

How we work - secure, innovative and networked

Our Division D bundles all areas of IT as well as the areas Innovation, Digital & Data and the CDO Office. The German-Belgian teams work together on both local and Group solutions to drive the digital transformation of the Group.

  • Innovation: We live in a world that is becoming increasingly complex and we need to adapt to the pace of developments. The Innovation team is responsible for identifying, evaluating, and integrating new technologies into Elia Group to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing energy landscape - today and in the future.


  • Digital & Data: Our Digital & Data team is driving the digital transformation of Elia Group and its evolution into a data company. We work on prerequisites for data-centric working, new digital business initiatives and digital workplace models.


  • Application Development and Maintenance: The IT Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) function ensures the support, maintenance and further development of applications for the specialist departments and thus supports the business activities of the Elia Group. The applications are either purchased on the market and integrated or they are developed by the division itself with its internal software factory (TMD and SAP).


  • Infrastructure, Datacom & Security: The IT Infrastructure, Datacom & Security team ensures the provision, high availability and security of applications for the Elia Group. Its tasks include local support, equipping workstations and further developing the data centers. The team focuses on a deliberate and balanced compromise between new "state-of-the-art" technologies and proven, tried-and-tested technologies.


  • CDO Office: The Office of the Chief Digital Officer is our interface between all areas. The team ensures harmonized and efficient policies and processes across IT to orchestrate strategy implementation and continuous improvement. This includes IT budgets and controlling, strategy and portfolio management, service management, and information and IT security.

Your IT know-how for 18 million people in Germany and beyond

  • Digitization experts, IT specialists and innovation managers (f/m/d) are desperately needed everywhere right now. If you have a choice, you are spoilt for choice. But are you looking for an IT job that makes sense? Where you can really make a difference?


  • The challenges of the energy transition have changed the Elia Group significantly and continue to do so. This offers you the special opportunity to develop ambitiously together with the company.


  • Become part of the team and ensure that our electricity continues to flow and becomes ever more sustainable. Because we are concerned with nothing less than the digital transformation of the energy sector. We also know: The future is digital.