Jobs in Construction Engineering

No overhead line without steel construction, no substation without structural engineering, no cable tunnel without civil engineering. At 50Hertz, many people work in the field of civil engineering. This was already the case in the past, but now in the context of the energy transition it is more true than ever. The spectrum of tasks in civil engineering at 50Hertz ranges from supporting conversion and maintenance projects during ongoing operations, to developing standards for construction in the extra-high voltage environment, to handling complex large-scale projects, both offshore and onshore.

Typical fields of activity of civil engineers (f/m/d) at 50Hertz

Asset Management: This is where the principles and guidelines are developed according to which structural engineering challenges and tasks are addressed throughout the company.


Projects Power Lines, Substations and Offshore: As the names already indicate, all conversion and new construction projects are implemented from these areas in the typical construction tasks of overhead lines and cable routes, substations and switchgear as well as offshore constructions.


Network operation: This is where we monitor the condition of our buildings and structures, determine the need for action and initiate and implement maintenance projects.

Example: Civil engineer in asset management

That is why we have gradually developed 50Hertz standard buildings for transformer stations and switchgear. But this goes on all the time and never stops at a stand. We work closely with external planning offices, which I commission and control. The requirements and construction specifications come from the electrical engineering colleagues.

At the latest when it comes to special systems, such as the SuedOstLink now, technical solutions have to be developed from scratch again and again. All in all, this is quite a lot and quite complex. Regular exchange with the various specialist departments helps here. For example, I chair two internal meetings in which we (50Hertz civil engineers and other colleagues from the field of substation topics) meet several times a year. At the same time, however, I am also in contact with colleagues from Tennet beyond 50 Hertz, for example now at SuedOstLink.

Working together like this is really fun. And I know what I'm talking about, because I've been looking after the structural installations of the transformer stations here for 30 years and now there are only a few days left until I retire. If you want to take things into your own hands, if you want to make a difference, this is the right place for you, because asset management is all about introducing new construction methods in the building.

Because the range of topics is so broad, I'm glad that in the beginning I was involved in substation projects myself and built substations and also worked for a time in the central office's grid operation department, where civil engineers are mainly concerned with the maintenance of structural facilities.

And yet - you don't have to have done it for so long to be able to do it. On the contrary, anyone fresh out of university brings valuable up-to-date knowledge, new approaches and that is an opportunity for the company. But it is worthwhile to stay with it for a long time, because the fun grows with experience.

Major construction project started: SuedOstLink

As part of its commitment to the energy revolution in 2018, 50Hertz has launched a project which is a novelty for us in terms of its scale and the technology used: The construction of the SuedOstLink, a high-voltage direct-current transmission link (HVDC) that will bring the renewable electricity generated in the north of our grid area to the consumption centers in southern Germany. 50Hertz is responsible for the construction of the approximately 270-kilometer long section of the link between Magdeburg and the Thuringian-Bavarian border. The investment volume is over two billion euros.

The high-voltage direct current line will be routed over hill and dale. It presents us with many challenges: Primarily planned as an underground cable, it passes through a wide variety of ground conditions and thus crosses different line structures again and again, including waterways. Open and closed construction methods, horizontal drilling methods and culverts are used in civil engineering. In addition, there is complex construction logistics, as work is often carried out in parallel on different construction sections.


Jobs in Construction Engineering

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Bauingenieurin als (Fach-)Projektleiterin Bautechnik (w/m/d) Civil Engineering Berlin, DE, 10557
Bauingenieurin Bautechnik in Umspannwerken (w/m/d)
Bauingenieurin Bautechnik in Umspannwerken (w/m/d) Civil Engineering Berlin, DE, 10557
Civil Engineering Berlin, DE, 10557
Projektleiterin Neubauprojekte Lagerwirtschaft (w/m/d)
Projektleiterin Neubauprojekte Lagerwirtschaft (w/m/d) Civil Engineering Berlin, DE, 10557
Civil Engineering Berlin, DE, 10557
Fachprojektleiterin Bautechnik Onshore (w/m/d)
Fachprojektleiterin Bautechnik Onshore (w/m/d) Civil Engineering Berlin, DE, 10557
Civil Engineering Berlin, DE, 10557