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Look into the Transmission Control Centre (TCC) of 50Hertz in Neuenhagen (near Berlin). The network is controlled from this control centre. Photo: Jan Pauls

Enable the Energy Transition!

#securityofsupply and #keepingthelightson are important topics for you? Do you like to take responsibility? And if one day you're asked where you were when the energy transition took place, do you want to be able to say: "right in the middle of it!"? Then the system management at 50Hertz is the right place for you!

The System Management at 50Hertz

  • Operational System Management

    In the operational system management, the information required for operational purposes is aggregated, foreseeable challenges are analyzed, and appropriate derivations for real-time operation are created and implemented. Data modelers, disconnection planners and system operators work hand in hand 24/7 in operational planning and real-time operation to control and regulate the continuous power supply for around 18 million people. The system operators also contribute their valuable experience from day-to-day business to their work within international project teams.

  • Concepts & Analysis

    This area keeps the technical and energy industry fundamentals for the real-time operation of the control area's electrical system up to date and designs future improvements. In cross-divisional cooperation within 50Hertz and with European and German partner companies, requirements for processes and IT tools for operating the grid are continuously adapted to innovations in regulation, science and technology.

  • Digitalization of the System Management

    This team works on the further development of the system management at 50Hertz based on accumulated experience and general technical development. The constantly changing generation mix as well as the load development in our network require innovations as well as changes in the regulations.

24/7 at the Heart Beat of the Energy Transition

System Operator - Energy Transition only with us!

The best place to "experience" the full dimension of the energy transition is where the resulting challenges are analyzed and mastered on a daily basis - for the safe operation of our power grid! As a system operator, you will ensure that the lights stay on 24/7 despite all the challenges. You want to be part of it? Then apply now:

System Operator - Real-Time Operation

The Challenge of Real-Time Operation

Electricity is needed around the clock. That's why real-time operations in operational system management must be manned 24/7 and ensure that disruptions are eliminated and that the transmission grid is available at all times to meet 100% of demand. To ensure this, you will coordinate live network statuses with our German and international partners, establish them from your workplace and assist in crisis situations. In an emergency, you restore the power supply. In short, you like to bear a lot of responsibility. As a system-relevant company, this applies 365 days a year.

Your Advantages in Real-Time Operation

In real-time operation, you work in 3 intervals: Early, late and night shifts, in different time spans. The good thing about it? Your private life can be planned. You have free time when others are working, you have more days off and you can easily organize important private appointments. When planning your shift, we make sure that you have enough time off to spend with your family, friends and hobbies. When your shift is over, your teammates take over the current challenges - so you can go back to your private life with a clear head.

As a system operator, 50Hertz offers you up to 36 days of vacation (annual leave plus days off for shift work) as well as attractive, collectively agreed remuneration with additional company benefits, such as shift allowances, a long-term account, social benefits, a company pension plan, and much more.

You can find out more about the benefits here.

Qualification Phase Real-Time Operation

Are you an electrical or industrial engineer or master craftsman in electrical engineering with network or system knowledge and are you interested in jobs within Operative System Management in Neuenhagen near Berlin? Then take a look at our job offers right now.

We will provide you with the necessary additional qualifications: In around 10 months, you will be qualified as a network system operator or shift engineer for energy balance (energy sector) and can take on initial responsibility in the team. This will enable you to independently carry out switching operations with an initial switching authorization and make your own initial decisions in European interconnected operations.

We leave it entirely up to you to decide which path to take. Anything is possible - right up to becoming a shift supervisor. Would you like to support the energy transition in projects after your training? Then become a process operator (PO) and use your expertise to change our processes and tools from the inside out. As a process operator, you will spend 60% of your time working on projects and the rest of your time as a system operator keeping an eye on what is really needed to make the energy transition possible.

The qualification measures are integrated into your working hours. In other words, you continue your education "on the job". 50Hertz supports you by coordinating your training plan with your duty schedule. This ensures that you have the time you need for your own personal development. And, of course, it's also worth it in monetary terms. Your salary automatically increases with each qualification level.

System Operator - Operational Planning

Challenges in Operational Planning

As a system operator in operational planning, you identify bottlenecks in the European transmission grid at an early stage in so-called preventive redispatch processes, depending on your area of specialization. In cooperation with international partner companies, you will develop measures several times a day to resolve critical network situations. You use state-of-the-art IT-based optimization solutions to determine appropriate remedial measures, moderate WebCos, and plan the best possible shutdowns of network elements, which help to advance the operation and expansion of the transmission network every day. At the end of the day, you hand over the network to the real-time operations in the Control Center as prepared as possible. In addition to the operational work, you will be jointly responsible as a process specialist in separate project shifts for constantly improving the systems and processes and introducing new processes. This also includes participation in national and international working groups on a case-by-case basis. High commitment, strong organizational skills and team-oriented work are the key to success here!

Your Advantages in Operational Planning

Work in operational planning takes place in shift operation on the basis of a framework duty roster. The time-fixed and compressed work offers many advantages in terms of leisure time and financial freedom, which are rarely available in the normal office routine. The distinctive (almost familial) cohesion within the team is what sets our team apart. Due to the broad field of work, you will very quickly master essential processes and systems of operational system management. You have the chance to build up a broad network and thus create a very good basis for your further life and career in the energy industry.

Qualification Phase Operational Planning

You are already well trained when you start with us. We build on your knowledge and develop you further to become a system operator, because there are a few things you need to know and observe! In the first six months, you will essentially qualify "on the job" to work independently in Operational Planning. Closely accompanied by at least one mentor, you will learn all the rules and "tricks" of the trade on the basis of an established training concept. The qualification is accompanied by regular interim meetings, in which you receive the best possible feedback on your level of knowledge and methods. Once you have successfully passed the qualification exam, we will build on the quality of your work every day to ensure that the lights stay on during the energy transition. In your day-to-day work, we will then support you in your customized further development according to your ideas.

Current Jobs in the System Management

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Title Expertise Location
Elektrotechnikerin als System Operator Netzleitstelle (m/w/d)
Elektrotechnikerin als System Operator Netzleitstelle (m/w/d) Dispatchers / System Operations Neuenhagen, DE, 15366
Dispatchers / System Operations Neuenhagen, DE, 15366
System Operator Betriebsplanung Engpassmanagement Strom (w/m/d)
System Operator Betriebsplanung Engpassmanagement Strom (w/m/d) Dispatchers / System Operations Neuenhagen, DE, 15366
Dispatchers / System Operations Neuenhagen, DE, 15366
Elektroingenieurin System Operator Netzleitstelle (w/m/d)
Elektroingenieurin System Operator Netzleitstelle (w/m/d) Dispatchers / System Operations Neuenhagen, DE, 15366
Dispatchers / System Operations Neuenhagen, DE, 15366
Portfoliomanagerin Stromhandel (m/f/d)
Portfoliomanagerin Stromhandel (m/f/d) Dispatchers / System Operations Berlin, DE, 10557
Dispatchers / System Operations Berlin, DE, 10557

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