Special Offshore positions

50Hertz, the transmission system operator for the northeast of Germany, is responsible for bringing all wind power generated in the Baltic Sea to the onshore power grid via submarine cables. We build the required infrastructure, lay the submarine cables and operate these systems.

The Offshore department and the regional centre responsible for the Baltic Sea as well as the are located in Güstrow. The colleagues here are responsible for the day to day operation and maintenance of the offshore technology and work closely with the Offshore Projects department of the 50Hertz headquarters in Berlin where the construction of new plants is managed.

Connection of wind farms in the Baltic Sea

The first commercial offshore wind farm that was put into operation in Germany was Baltic 1 in the Baltic Sea (May 2011). The wind farm is located approximately 15 kilometres north of the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula. At the Bentwisch substation near Rostock, 50Hertz connected this wind farm to the onshore power grid by means of a 150 kV submarine cable connection.

In the meantime, 50Hertz has started additional projects because an entire series of offshore wind farms with a total capacity of more than 3,500 megawatts are planned off the German Baltic Sea coast. This corresponds to about three and a half large conventional power plants.

For example, 50Hertz already connected the neighbouring Baltic 2 wind farm in 2015. Meanwhile, works are progressing well for the connection of the Ostwind 1 wind farm areal (with the offshore wind farms Wikinger and Arkona-Becken Südost https://www.50hertz.com/en/Grid-Extension/Offshore-projects/Projects/Ostwind-1) in the Cluster Westlich Adlergrund (CWA). We currently expect our connection works to be ready by 2019. 

The electricity from the entire Cluster Westlich Adlergrund (CWA) will be transported from offshore substation Andalucia to the onshore substation in Lubmin by a 220 kV submarine cable over a distance of approx. 90 kilometres.

You can read more about the subject in our bilingual PDF brochure ‘From the sea to your power socket’.

Renewable energy challenge

The development of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea by 50Hertz will further increase the share of renewable energy in the company’s power grid. The input of electricity from renewable energy sources, until now mainly from onshore wind turbines, already reaches peak values that are the highest in the world.

This makes 50Hertz a much-noticed protagonist in the technical development of transmission grids and a respected partner in the design of functioning electricity markets. Why? As renewable energy is volatile and its use cannot be reliably planned because of natural causes. This represents a big challenge for the management of power grids which stability is based on the balance between the production and consumption of electrical energy due to the laws of physics.

Offshore Positions

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Title Expertise Location
Projektleitung Offshore Plattformen Ostsee (w/m/d) Offshore Berlin, DE, 10557
Elektroingenieurin Offshore Kabeltechnik (m/w/d)
Elektroingenieurin Offshore Kabeltechnik (m/w/d) Offshore Greifswald, DE, 17489 +1 more…
Offshore Greifswald, DE, 17489 +1 more…
Marine Coordination Operatorin (w/m/d)
Marine Coordination Operatorin (w/m/d) Offshore Güstrow, DE, 18273
Offshore Güstrow, DE, 18273
Ingenieurin Projektleitung Offshore Kabellegung Ostsee (w/m/d) Offshore Berlin, DE, 10557