Special Jobs System Management

The Transmission Control Center (the "Network Control Center") controls the power grid. Anyone who has a job here is very close to the challenges of the energy revolution: Is it possible to keep the extra-high voltage grid stable live and around the clock? Despite the volatility of renewable energies? Shift engineers, supported by colleagues who develop analyses, concepts, processes and tools for them, keep an eye on this.


Special Jobs Construction Engineering

No overhead line without steel construction, no transformer station without structural engineering, no cable tunnel without civil engineering. The spectrum of construction tasks ranges from the support of conversion and repair projects during ongoing operations, through the development of standards for construction in the extra-high voltage environment, to the handling of complex large-scale projects.


Special IT-Jobs

The digitization of the energy transition is gaining momentum. IT therefore becomes a key element for the integration of renewable energy. This requires smart solutions to manage the complexity in real-time connecting nature, technology, physics and market economics in an intelligent manner. Not for people who like it easy-going.


Special Jobs at Purchasing

People working at 50Hertz Purchasing have a good understanding of the challenges the company is currently facing. There are many - as 50Hertz is investing in the energy transition. In 2016 alone, some 730 million euros were invested in grid infrastructure. These investments are backed by exciting procurement projects with a lot of latitude for purchasers who want to grow along with their Tasks.


Special Offshore jobs (Baltic Sea)

In the course of the energy transition, 50Hertz is undertaking a number of challenging projects in  the German Baltic Sea in order to transport the electricity generated by offshore wind farms to the onshore electrical grid by means of submarine cables. This offers exciting job opportunities in the offshore business for experienced specialists. The energy industry is already taking the next decisive step.


  • About 50Hertz

    Today, more than thousand people work at 50Hertz. The continuous grid expansion and optimization continues to create more job opportunities.


50Hertz uses female job titles

50Hertz consistently uses the female form for job titles in the company's German job advertisements, for example: "Elektroingenieurin (f/m/d)" instead of „Elektoingenieur (m/f/d)“. With this the company signals: We would like to receive more applications from women, especially for our technical positions. The aim is to achieve greater diversity in the composition of the workforce, in which the male proportion now clearly predominates (almost 80 %).

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